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How much can you claim for whiplash?

The amount of money that you can get for a whiplash will vary depending on the circumstances and the severity of the injuries. You will find that your lawyer/solicitor will advise you on how much you should claim. Under normal circumstances, if you have been involved in an accident that is not your fault, tyhe lawyer will ask you if you have suffered any injuries. If you have it is likely that you will have attended your gp or local hospital as a result of those injuries. If they include whiplash or similar symptoms then you will be advised to visit a physiotherapist. Normally the solicitor or claims company actinmg tfor the solicitor will arrange this for you. At some stage your solicitor will also ask you to attend an appointment with an independent medical expert who will compile a report detailing what happened at the time of the accident and what whiplash or other injuries youy recieved. The solicitors will then be in a position to advise you as to how much to cliam for the whiplash injuries.




Bear in mind that whiplash is not the only thing you can claim for. Any consequent losses caused by the accident may also be subject to a claim.

Normally you will find that your insurance company and solicitors are very helpful and will gyuide you through the claim process.

How much is a whiplash claim?

Simple claims for whiplash where the injuries are fairly mild and not causing long term problems may amount to in the region of £2,000. You should not consider this a guideline. Only your solicitor can guide you as to how much you should claim for whiplash injuries.