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Your options for diy ppi claims

a) write a letter to your PPI provider
b) download and use a standard form from the internet
c) download the financial ombudsman PPI claim form

There is no set format that you have to use when making a claim. You just need to explain the details of your case, your account number and how much you are claiming.

Financial Ombudsman PPI Claims Form

You don't need a lawyer or claims management company to make your claim for you. You can do it yourself with an easy to use PPI claim form that can be downloaded from the Financial Ombudsman site. On receipt of your form the bank/buildingsociety/other financial service provider has 8 weeks to respond to your claim. If they need further information from you they will ask for it. If you don't hear within 8 weeks then you can refer the matter to the ombudsman who will look into it for you.

The official financial ombudsman claims form are available for download here, whilst the ombudsman PPI factsheet is here. You do not have to contact the financial ombudsman for PPI claims but you can if you wish.



Claims for compensation are not just restricted to accident claims.

You may have a valid claim for PPI mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges.

Download Ombudsman claim form here

The advantages of Ombudsman PPI claims form download

Approved form

High PPI claims succes rate

Less likelihood of mistakes