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PPI Claims

PPI is Payment Protection Insurance. It is the insurance that will cover for instance the interest on your loan payments should you become ill and unable to work. Whilst many of these policies may have been sold validly, the courts have decided that many of these policies were mis-sold giving rise to many people being able to make ppi claims. PPI was mis-sold if it was presented as a compulsory part of the loan, if it was added without you knowing, if the loan itself would have been more expensive without it. Not all PPI was mis-sold and most banks and other lenders have cleaned up their act in this respect in recent years.

You don't need a lawyer to make a PPI claim on your behalf. It is extremely unlikely that your case would need to go to court and most people should be able to handle the paperwork themselves. There are plenty of sites such as moneysavingsexpert that give free guidance.




Not all PPI was mis-sold. However, many many people have been able to succesfully claim as they didn't need PPI or didn't want it or didn't know they had it.

Most providers have streamlined procedures to make your claim releatively straightforward

The disadvantages of PPI claims companies:

You will not get all the compensation that is due to you. The lawyers or claims company will get a cut even if your claim is very straightforward. You should find out about their fees and services offered but also consider making the claim yyourself.