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Reclaim Mortgage Exit Fees

Most mortgages include an exit fee (often described as a redemption fee or administration fee) for when you pay off the mortgage. many banks and building socities began the practice of increasing these fees during the lifetime of the loan. However, the courts considered that this was an illegal practice. As a result many people who had to pay a higher exit fee when they paid off the mortgage than the one in force at the time they took out the mortgage have been able to reclaim back the balance. In some cases this has amounted to £500 or more.

To be able to reclaim mortgage exit fees you will need to check back over you paperwork to discover what the fee was in place at the time you took out the mortgage. With most banks and building societies the claims are pretty straightforward and are dealt with promptly.




Claims for compensation are not just restricted to accident claims.

You may have a valid claim for PPI mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges

The advantages of No Win No Fee claims for you

No fees to pay if you don't win

High succes rate

High motivation for the lawyers to succeed!