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Helping U make a Claim 4 Compensation

Whatever type of claim you may have, there are several things you should do depending on the type of claim and which will help you in the claims process..

If you are making an accident claim, try to take photos and make a sketch map of the location. Write down clear and detailed notes of what happened as soon as you can. If there were witnesses take down their names and addresses as well as contact phone numbers if possible.If you suffer physical injury but are not taken to hospital go to your GP. Before you contact a solicitor do thorough research on the internet to find out as much as you can that is relevant to your type of claim. Gather all your paperwork together and make sure you keep copies of any letters you send.



Claims for compensation are not just restricted to accident claims.

You may have a valid claim for PPI mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges

4 advantages of No Win No Fee claims 4 u.

No fees to pay if you don't win

High succes rate

High motivation for the lawyers to succeed

The lawyers do all the legwork