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Reclaim Bank Charges

Thousands of people have made succesful claims in recent years against UK banks for unfair bank charges.

Initially the banks claimed that the charges were within the terms and conditions that the customer signed up to, but the view is that these have to be "reasonable" charges. Under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations (1999) all penalty charges have to truly reflect the cost of administering them. A team of experts set up by the BBC recommend that a reasonable charge for a returned cheque would be £4.50, when many banks were charging £30! The OFT have ruled that a reasonable rate would be £12 and so many banks and building societies have amended their fees to reflect this.

It's not too late to make a claim for unfair bank charges. You can make a claim by contacting your bank today..



Claims for compensation are not just restricted to accident claims. You may have a valid claim for PPI mis-selling, unfair bank charges or unfair mortgage redemption charges.

Note: you should not need to employ a lawyer to make some of these claims for you.

The advantages of No Win No Fee claims for you

No fees to pay if you don't win

High succes rate

High motivation for the lawyers to succeed